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Enterprise belief:  Wisdom, Integrity, Benevolence,Courtesy,Self-Strenghtening    
Enterprise spirit:     Unity,Fighting, Innovation, Rigorous and Pragmatic,Top-Notch
Teamwork:              Initiative to communicate and active coordination.
Job requirements:   Implement and Improve. Attention to detail.
Principle of distribution: 
                                 Pay according to power and more pay for more work.
Quality policy:         Scientific Management, Fine Production,Honest Service,                                   Pursuiting the excellence.
Environmental, occupational health and safety guidelines: 
                                 Clean Production, Low Energy Consumption,Protecting                                  Environmental Resources; People Oriented, Health and                                   Safety, Risk identification and Pre-control; Observing                                  Discipline and Obeying  the Law , Regulate  Behavior,                                   Continuous Improvement.        
Quality Objectives: Product quality in line with national standards; 
                                 Contract compliance rate of 100%; 
                                 Customer satisfaction rate of 98% of the product. 
Environmental objectives:
                                Preventing and controlling  the environmental pollution                                 incidents; 
                                Noise, dust emission compliance rate of 100%; 
                                Collecting and classifying the solid waste concentratedly                                 and processing according to regulations;
                                To maximize the conservation of resources and energy.
Occupational health and safety objectives: 
                                To control the major source of risk to prevent casualties;
                                To prevent electric shock, mechanical injury, height and                                 objects fall against accidents; 
                                Put an end to acute poisoning, fire and traffic accidents; 
                                Slightly injured accident frequency below the 3 ‰.