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With regard to the environment, safety management system certification training reports
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Company August 19, 2006 -20 days held in the conference room in the company environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, the content of training. By the administration department organization, management representative Fu Shikui chair, Beijing-based Certification Service Co., Ltd. He total speaker. All organs of the staff and managers participated in the training-related projects. The training is of great significance, related to the immediate interests of workers, the company leadership - Cai total vision, has provided us with the training opportunities, we treasure, carefully listening and taking notes, the evening was also organized discussions. Through this training, to obtain environmental certification system for this year and safety certification system laid the foundation for the certificate. Companies through the implementation of ISO14001 environmental management system can effectively achieve the energy saving, thus significantly improve enterprise competitiveness in the market. Through the implementation of ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System can improve the operating conditions check to ensure the physical and mental health workers can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of workers, and markedly increase labor efficiency, business and society to create more wealth. We benefited from training, determined must act strictly in accordance with the requirements of these two management systems to do the work, let us grant Northern a better tomorrow together!