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Carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues of the development of Chinese traditional virtues __ hard__working feature
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       Diligence is the source of everything, in the person's life, everything had to hard-working, regardless of work and study, or else nothing, since ancient times, big thinkers, calligrapher, scientists are studious, from his youth until the end of life, not abandon their studies, can succeed in their careers, many examples make it clear that, to the cause, it must be hard.

       In the real work, a person who is very lax, the work did not progress, working day to kill time, he could not work to get good grades mediocrity, such a person can not get the respect of colleagues, leadership trust. Hard cover an extensive area, including the hard work and forge ahead, regardless of what you do, to what extent things, can not shift responsibility onto others, wrangle, serious do everything, everything should be designated a full stop and can not leave troubles, always pay more than reading books, newspaper and enhance all aspects of knowledge, especially professional knowledge, professional knowledge, on any occasion, and social workers to talk about anything, not backward, in an invincible position, in order to bring greater business efficiency.

       We must carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, in their work conscientiously and fully embody their own value for the enterprise to make its own contribution.

(Project Company: SONG Fu-Bin)


       With regard to hard-working word that they would be with a number of brilliant ancient language to describe its importance, such as a road-Qin Shu-shan as tracks, Qinnengbuzhuo, hard-working kind, etc., have even risen to the Chinese people, a virtue.

       From entering the northern Gold Corporation, I have more experience to the hard work implied that the profound meaning of the word as well as its hidden behind the efforts and hardships, by no means going to school when they learn the literal meaning of the point. Just enter the company, I have never had any contact with the construction industry that, with little accounting knowledge of the background, took over the Ministry of Supply accounting work. To make up for lack of professional knowledge, I am open-minded to all learning every day to work overtime to prepare accounts in order to ground the track, and finally setting up a set for the company's accounting process. Then 2 months later, take full control of the supply of work of the Ministry, just easy to point a heavy burden has changed again, Man-kwan, procurement, storage, transportation, the overall coordination arrangements, billing address, several large construction site at the same time started a series of the burden of pressure in my breath every day, no peace could think about was how to accomplish today's work, how we organize tomorrow, the day after tomorrow's work. Even a few could not continue in the coming time to think about supporting this site is not finished the job done. At that time, only one ground has been unable to express the words I was tired, more of a struggle, both tried very hard work. In this enormous pressure, not polite to say, I made rapid progress, from the unknown to the skillful arrangement of the work, only less than half a year's time and was to be a Qinnengbuzhuo adage. However, familiar with the work, human nature lazy, lazy and so bad on the gradual nature of the root exposed. Some work in large a good direction, are less concerned about the details, and almost the psychological upper hand, so it has become a passive, often some unexpected vulnerabilities can be said that a big mistake do not make small mistakes continue.

       Since the end of the year in 2003, raised concern about the overall process at the Cai details, concurrent down the details of the decision of success or failure of the book, after a careful reading, suddenly found themselves in the work of flaws, but it was hard because there is no, as always, adhere to adhere to the study, large The cause of the working style of the current situation. Suddenly realize this after the write down thoughts, thus spur their own vigilance, we must always keep in mind hard work, diligence Shouqin mouth brain diligence, ask more to think, the wrong nipped in the bud, the failure to reduce to a minimum, should always to fight with his lazy, constantly outdo themselves, to be successful.

(Project Company: Feng Wei)


       Genius is hard work, knowledge is accumulated. A famous mathematician Hua at the junior high school when the math test always failed, after the hard work he was under constant thinking, exploration, and finally worked out the wonders of mathematics where the success of his future mathematics status. Facts have proved that as long as work hard, work hard, and always to see the success of the day.

       The founder of modern atomic physics is extremely respected Rutherford right thinking. Late one night, he accidentally discovered a test of students are working hard, they curiously asked: "What are you doing the morning?" Student replied: "In doing experiments." "Afternoon?" "Experimentation." Rutherford could not help but wrinkle played a brow, went on to ask: "That night?" "is also doing experiments." Hard-working students thought that some instructors can be praise, did not expect Rutherford actually enraged, harshly reprimanded: "You spend all day in an experiment, what time is spent thinking?" Hard-working students who have been reprimand, seemingly wronged, in fact master is to teach canon ah. Very often, people would rather let the years of great value as if submerged in being busy, it is highly reluctant to take time for reflection, so that thinking is always hovering in the low level and eventually nothing.

       In view of this, we must not only diligent, but also good at thinking, concluded that with the kind of diligent work to be carried forward, hard working, and exert upward until the goal is not up to the spirit of the company as a member of the Northern Gold, we have business knowledge to be hard work to learn and continuously improve their professional level, only the continuous progress of their own in order to create more benefits for the company.

(Project Company: Ming-Fu Ma)