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Celebration of '71' held singing contest report
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July 1, 2006 afternoon, in the company-led initiative organized by the Ministry of Public Administration, in the company held a grand dining room of the IP 71 / 85 founding anniversary of the singing contest. General Choi Song overall, Liang total, Liu Zong was invited as a singing competition judges, the whole game presided over by Huang Ya-ning. All the staff and some of the construction authority, the production line employees in the race showed a high level of enthusiasm, a high level of play for everyone to dedicate a wonderful program; each team full of energy, with passionate song, singing sing the main theme of the new era. Beautiful voice won the judges and audience applause.

Start of the race, in Cai-Zhong, General Manager, under the leadership of common chorus of "Golden Northern Song," everybody emboldened employees are highly motivated and demonstrated passion, sing the more brilliant gold and the northern, more beautiful tomorrow . "Golden Northern Song" by General Choi himself spectrum of words, songs melt into the essence of the company's corporate culture reflects a person's total gold and the Northern style, and was set for the company's "enterprise of the song."

The whole game with three options for the main tracks: "The Internationale", "unity is strength", "dare to ask the road must be taken", where "The Internationale" is the company's organs from the Golden northern singing along with all party members, their sonorous and forceful Live fully reflects the enthusiasm of party members, advanced, giving the whole game played a good exemplary role. In the next game for nearly an hour, all departments to take first the determination of holding oath, all of them morale, such as rainbow, make concerted efforts to put their best face to show to all judges and the audience.
Finally, the judges based on justice, fairness, and openness, respectively, named its top award (Communist Party members singing the "Internationale"), first prize (Materials plant singing "Unity is strength"), second prize (Administration Department of singing the "dare to ask the road must be taken"), third prize (Materials Sales Company sang the "Unity is strength"), and awarded prizes. Singing Competition, the sound of happy laughter ended.