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The company was founded in 1992. It now has Grade I professional qualification for anticorrosion and heat insulation engineering, Grade II qualification for mechanic-electric equipment installation engineering and building waterproof engineering, Grade III qualification for chemical and petroleum pipeline installation engineering. The company can independently undertake the construction of large and medium scale anticorrosion and heat insulation engineering for petroleum, chemical engineering, light industry, ship coating and civil buildings, the construction of waterproof, fire protection and mildew proof work, as well as fabrication and installation of mechanic-electric equipment, non-standard equipment, pipeline and steel structure both at home and abroad

The company has obtained the certificates of International Quality Management System (GB/T19001-2000), Environment Management System (GB/T24001-2004)and Occupational Health and Safety Management System(GB/T28001-2001). The company has achieved outstanding business results and favorable social reputation by adhering to the company philosophy of being knowledgeable, honest, humanized and civilized and keeping constant self-improvement” and the quality policy of “scientific management, producing elite products, honest service and pursuing excellence”.

The company has won the following honors:

“Best Cooperative Partner” of Qingdao Beer Group, “Outstanding Anticorrosion Construction Enterprise of China” and “Advanced Unit of Shandong Provincial Construction Industry for Outgoing Construction” in 2003.

“Advanced Unit of Shandong Provincial Construction Project Management for Construction in Xinjiang Autonomous Region” and “Top 10 Strong Enterprise of Qingdao Construction Industry for Exploiting Outer Market: in 2005;

“Outstanding Anticorrosion Construction Enterprise of China”, ““Outstanding Chemical Engineering Construction Enterprise of China” and “Top 10 Strong Enterprise of Qingdao Construction Industry for Exploiting Outer Market” in 2006.

The company now has 300-odd employees: 60-odd engineering and technical and managerial personnel, including 4 professorate senior engineers, 11 senior engineers and 25 engineers; 20-odd business, statistic and financial and accounting personnel; 20-odd project managers of different levels having college and technical secondary school education and possessing practical and management experience.

The company has a sound modern enterprise management system and organization. There are 7 administrative departments, namely business department, engineering department, quality and safety department, purchase and supply department, finance department, integrated administration department and R&D department. There are also 7 outstation branches and offices in the country.

The company now has more than 350 sets of construction equipment, like different types and models of machinery sand blasting descaler, polyurethane foaming machine, high pressure airless spraying machine, tamping machine, reaction tank, metal fabrication and installation machine, air compressor, flaw detector, scanner, manometer and laser theodolite etc.

Since its foundation in 10 years ago, the company has completed more than 550 projects of large and medium scale anticorrosion and heat insulation works and fabrication and installation of non-standard equipment and pipelines. The rate of excellent project rate is over 90%. Main projects are:

Beer brewage equipment internal and external anticorrosion and heat insulation and some fabrication and installation work of Tsingtao Brewery Group and other brewery group in China.

All navy vessel deck special anti-slip coating project;

·Equipment and pipeline anticorrosion and heat insulation engineering in some enterprises under PetroChina and Sinopec Corporation; Ship anticorrosion engineering in some shipyards of COSCO.  
·Anticorrosion, heat insulation, fire protection and waterproof and some fabrication and installation works in some enterprises under COFCO.
·Fireproof, anticorrosion and heat insulation engineering of investment ventures of foreign capital enterprises in China like USA MK Corporation, Lucent, South Korea Daewoo Group etc.
·The company is the designated construction c of Tsingtao Brewery Group and Navy Armament Department. In the construction works of Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical and COFCO Dalian Malt Co., the company won the prototype engineering and excellent engineering awards. 

Amidst the fierce competition in domestic and international market, the company has been always insisting on the development goal of first class management, first class quality, first class service and first class enterprise, to keep the company growing fast, keep the market expanding constantly, and keep ceaseless innovation in management and steady benefit improvement. The company wishes to cooperate with friends and counterparts of all walks of society and to develop and progress together.


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