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       Project Performance
Anti-corrosion insulation works
>>  Tank farm, anti-corrosion heat
>>  Ships, anti-corrosion steel pile piers
>>  Special anti-corrosion coating
>>  Anti-corrosion insulation beer
· Tsingtao corrosion insulation
· Other anti-corrosion insulation beer cans
>>  Anti-corrosion insulation petrochemical plant
>>  Building anti-corrosion heat
>>  Cathodic Protection Engineering
>>  Floor Corrosion
>>  Other Works
Construction Waterproofing
Mechanical and electrical equipment installation
Chemical oil pipeline installation works
Fire Engineering
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The main projects include: The special anticorrosion, heat insulation and pipeline construction projects for TsingTao Beer and other beer enterprises, the anticorrosion, heat insulation of equipment pipelines for China Petroleum, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and their subordinated companies, The shipping anticorrosion projects for partial shipyard of COSCO Group, the anticorrosion, heat insulation, fireproof, waterproof and nonstandard construction projects for China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuff Corp. and its partial subsidiaries, the fireproof, anticorrosion and warm keeping projects for MK America, Lucent America, Daewoo Korea Chinese branches, and the non-slip finishing projects for the deck of naval vessels or ships. 

The projects for China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Luoyang Factory, Dalian COFCO Malt Co., Ltd., etc had been honored the high quality model projects. It is the appointed construction enterprise for TsingTao Beer, Navy Equipment Administration, etc.

Construction distributions

·The anticorrosion, heat insulation outside protection for beer can
·The anticorrosion for gas-holder
·Heat Insulation for pipes
·Insulation Engineering for the devices of chemical fertilizer plant
·Petroleum & Chemical Engineering for QiLu ethylene plant.
·The anticorrosion engineering for Qingdao
·Polyurethane foam
·The devices for Luoyang Petroleum & Chemical Corp.
·The anticorrosion for vessels and ships
·The anticorrosion for Luoyang Oilcan
·The stamnos’ s anticorrosion for TsingTao Beer
·The updated anticorrosion for Zhuhai HuaFu’s furfural devices
·The updated anticorrosion for Zhuhai HuaFu’s 3500 m3 oilcan area
·The heat insulation for the tower wall and outside protection for the malt tower of Dalian Malt.
·The anticorrosion, heat insulation for the 50,000 m3 oilcans of Luoyang Petroleum & Chemical.  
·The waterproof engineering for the architectural roof. 
·The making and installation of beer can.
·The fireproof engineering for the steel construal workshop


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